About Us

Move Smarter™

Aer products are created for smart travelers.

Every bag, suitcase, or accessory we create is designed to make our travelers' journeys as seamless and easy as possible.

Because these are the people who really think about how they travel. They dream of destinations and then take the smartest path to get there.

They know that travel shouldn’t just be a means to an end; it should be a joy. And with Aer products by their side, every journey becomes just that.

Since 2014

Aer started in 2014 as a crowdfunding project that combined a gym bag and an office bag into one simplified design.

From there, we've focused on creating premium travel bags and accessories to help people move smarter, making every journey as seamless and easy as possible.

Today, the brand is based in San Francisco and has retail locations in SF, NYC, and London.

Simplicity, Utility, and Durability

We believe in balancing form, function, and durability to create timeless bags that help you move smarter.

Simplicity: We're minimalists at heart and like to keep things clean, simple, and essential.

Utility: Our thoughtful designs offer smart functionality and organization for all your gear.

Durability: We use best-in-class materials and trims that are built to last. If anything happens, you're backed by our lifetime warranty.

Designed In San Francisco

We're a team of creatives based in the Bay Area and we're passionate about gear, traveling and making great products. We call San Francisco home, with an office in the Mission District and warehouse in the East Bay.

Connect with us through @aer_sf! We love hearing your thoughts, questions and suggestions. #aersf #MoveSmarter